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NMGlobal Kıymetli Madenler, which started operations in 2019 as a subsidiary of Nadir Metal Rafineri, which was established in 1967, provide service corporate and individual customers focused on confidence and quality. NMGlobal Kıymetli Madenler is also a member of Borsa İstanbul and continues its activities as an intermediary in the Precious Metals Market.

NMGlobal, with its international experience, strong financial structure and over 50 years of industry experience of Nadir Metal Rafineri, has adopted high service quality as a company culture and carries out the following activities with this understanding:

  • Precious metal purchase and sale transactions, precious metal borrowing and lending transactions, and transactions regarding capital market instruments based on precious metals for intermediary purposes, through precious metals whose standards and purity levels are determined by the Ministry.
  • Export and import of processed and unprocessed precious metals and manufactured precious goods made of them within the framework of the export and import regime,
  • Temporary import of precious metals for use in the manufacture of processed and unprocessed precious metals and articles thereof, and their export as finished and semi-finished precious products after processing,
  • Effective purchase and sale, limited to the activities within the Exchange,
  • Trading of precious metals in the country.

NMGlobal Kıymetli Madenler, which is an exchange intermediary in the Precious Metals Market, is a 100% NADİR METAL RAFİNERİ subsidiary.

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